Certified diamonds, the 4 Cs

The goal of Crucitti jewels is to be sure that the diamonds we use satisfy completely our high standards of quality. Certified diamonds appear in sealed burglar-­proof blisters. The certificate they have furnishes the essential information about the diamond and its distinguishing features: carat, color, clarity and cutting as well as about proportions and cutting quality.

The blister is presented in which the diamond certificate.

Each diamond is scientifically analyzed by professionals holding a gemmolgy expert certificate, the “Certified Diamond Grade” of the “HRD Antwerp” Institute of Gemmology in the full respect of the international standard. These experts furnish an detailed description of the distinguishing features of the diamond as well as of the quality of the cutting thanks to the use of state­of­the­art appliances and first of all to their experience.

The reference benchmarks for the classification are represented by the so called 4 Cs : Carat, Cutting, Color, Clarity.


The weight of diamonds is expressed in carats. According to the international set of rules one carat is the fifth part of one gram, which is 0.2 grams.

Il peso,Carate


A diamond's beauty can't depend on its cutting. If the cut of the diamond is well-­‐proportioned, the light is reflected and refracted influencing the focus and giving the diamonds that particular brightness which makes them so popular.

Il Taglio, Cut


Most colors of diamonds range from colorless to yellow. Notwithstanding this, diamonds can take any sort of color, including pink, red and blue.

Il Colore, Color


Clarity refers to the presence of impurities inside a diamond which are classed according to a clarity scale. The clearer a diamond is, the more precious it is.

 La Purezza, Clarity

Two diamonds with the same 4 Cs are almost impossible to be found. This is the reason why every certificate acknowledged on an international scale is a sort of identity document of the cut diamond which allows the customers to get information on what they are buying. Thanks to these details written in a plain language, the different features of the diamonds can be appreciated and well understood.

Ultimately, the certificate is a report testifying to a diamond's authenticity. It furnishes a detailed and reliable statement of a diamond's identity and of its clarity level, on the basis of a system which is universally acknowledged.